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tv   Headline News  RT  June 13, 2014 3:00pm-3:30pm EDT

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instrument. to be in the. on. line from moscow to eleven pm this is our take tonight border breach ukrainian armored vehicles taking part in kiev crackdown on dissent of crossed into russian territory russia's foreign ministry has made a formal complaint. among spying on payments ukraine have to pre-pay for russian gas if it fails to settle at least part of its debt this coming monday soften the go see a collapse of a campus insistence that any deal had to be fully on its terms and. ultimately it's up to the iraqis as a sovereign nation to solve their problems present spark of all responsibility for restoring peace in the territory country on the baghdad government as extremist
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militants advance on the capital now using war machines left behind by u.s. troops after the invasion. good evening when it was kevin owens for good to have you company our top story the two ukrainian armored vehicles have crossed into russia over the border causing a stir both on the ground and in diplomatic circles. sort of has more from southern russia tonight according to a lot of air pollutants calls person's me trip as calls to ukrainian armored personnel carriers crossed the border with russia here in the rostov on don regional friday first it was just one of the cold that penetrated the front seat before getting stuck without power here in russia once it was discovered by russian border guards who arrived at sea to arrest the perpetrators another at the sea cross the line. and pointed its weapon on the russians in neighboring them to
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retrieve their own soldiers well the men have been retrieved but not the machinery the koreans desperately try to solve the backseat ukraine but the russian border guards never let that happen that much of this is coming on the back of he explains that it was a rush and it traded ukraine's borders earlier president vladimir putin had already instructed the russian foreign ministry to send a note of protest to the ukrainian authorities so let's wait and see how this one actually plays out yesterday does it remember say little russian foreign ministry's called the incident a provocation that's undermining the fledgling russian ukrainian dialogue right now patrick basham is director of the washington based democracy institute he told me hopes it was just human error here but we have to hope it's an accident that they got lost or couldn't read the map or something along those lines but i think it would be incredibly short sighted on the part of the ukrainian government to done this sort of and to do any others intentionally that would not be helpful to their
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own interests let alone the interests of the wider region but i think it's a reminder that one of the fundamental problems we're facing literally today is the inability of so many both on the ground in what is and what was ukraine and heard in the west to calm down and to appreciate that what has happened has happened whether one likes it or not approves of it or disapproves of it and to look forward so that everyone's interests of best served i think in that way. other developments the eastern ukrainian city of mariupol woke up to sounds of battle forces stormed the positions of the fighters there. in fact raged in the streets for about four hours the city was assaulted by a national guard battalion formed by the leader of ukraine radical party a politician says at least five anti-government activists were killed and thirty
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captured he claims the rest of the been driven away from their headquarters in the cities under the national guard's control we spoke to a local resident. i did about half past four in the morning we heard a loud noise coming from this it is sound that's where the newest people's republic had their headquarters in two buildings in the city center shooting and explosions could be heard it lasted until about seven am and then grew quieter. and russia's also demanding an investigation of the ukrainian army's alleged use of prohibited weapons in the east of the country there this is what the night sky looked like a couple of nights ago when according to locals incendiary bombs were dropped on them no kiev denies the use of such munitions which a banned by the u.n. i spoke to former british army intelligence officer charles hsu bridges recently returned from ukraine indeed he thinks the attack does bear signs of white phosphorus weapons. i've seen the video i've looked at it closely it does indeed
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tallow is what one might say are the hallmarks of white phosphorous use for example a very bright light burning and multiple burns coming down from the sky it's an air conditioner and used such as a mortar or perhaps an aircraft and then of course again to tell it's still burning . in the daytime showing actually this very territorial rights of great smoke so white phosphorus being used it's an alarming development of course it needn't necessarily be legal but it depends on the use a church concert and that's exactly why of course a lot of and indeed other people even from the west should be even if they haven't so far should be calling for a pop in for an investigation of this incident to prevent escalating and the bigger picture more generally the whole humanitarian situation in eastern ukraine is increasingly desperate thousands of people have fled to russia from the bombings and artillery attacks pull scott talk to some of those who vote routed the whole
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families to try to escape the violence. well what you can see a few yards behind me is the russia ukraine border and for many people fleeing the restive aist of ukraine this is their first port of call it's a makeshift temporary holding center now the vast majority of people who are crossing the border have somewhere to go they can stay with friends or family within russia however many simply have nowhere to go no one to turn to and they're completely dependent on the rest of story in the last twenty four hours more than six hundred people have crossed the border seeking shelter the majority of them are women and children who are trying to escape uncertainty of life in eastern ukraine and this place speaking to a number of them but it's an emotional time there were. almost every night we heard shootings explosions multiple rocket launchers. what was. going on with all my children are with me but my mother and grandmother stayed
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there people are hiding you basements and don't seem to realize this will never and the houses are bombed we don't have anything anymore. this does is it scary that the government and the ukrainian media are lying about things they see there organizing humanitarian corridors but there is no sign of that they don't let people leave and keep them. for the authorities here in the rostov region are being helped by donations from people all over russia on thursday forty tons of supplies including food water and medicine arrived but with an average of four hundred people crossing the border every day and seeking assistance it's clear that in the coming weeks more more aid is going to be needed. r.t. the rostov region. a bus blast in east ukraine is reported to have killed at least two people injured five more local authorities say the vehicle belong to one of the leaders of the self-proclaimed donetsk republic denis pushilin who was not on that
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bus at the time of the attack less than a week ago though is assistant was killed in a drive by shooting a pushilin was the suspected target we spoke to him about this latest attempt on his life although. of course there's not been an investigation yet so i can't accuse anyone but i can only guess and my guess is that the people we've caused the most trouble to that's clear of course they are essentially waging a war against us when we being on our own land are in fact involved in a civil war because most of those on the other side of the barricades are being misled but ukrainian media or the way in the theater thought in the. some other news now president barack obama's the course of action the u.s. could take in helping a rack as it drowns in a wave of while it's jihadists are pushing alarmingly close to the capital baghdad haven't captured two new terms in the latest offensive artie's gun if you can report. president obama's message to iraq is that the u.s. will help them fight the militants but will not put boots on the ground this may
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include airstrikes the president did not specify but he did say that iraq is largely alone in this fight the united states will do our part but understand that ultimately it's up to the iraqis as a sovereign nation to solve their problems any action that we may take to provide assistance to iraqi security forces has to be joined by a serious and sincere effort by iraq's leaders to set aside sectarian differences to promote stability we can't do it for them the secretary are going to iraq is a lot the militants with the islamic state in iraq and syria to gain momentum and recruits the sectarian war which is broke out after the u.s. invasion in two thousand and three and there's been a sort of a constant violence ever since the fight against assad in syria has further bolstered these islamist militants and gave them new resources they're now in control of large parts of iraq including iraq's second largest city of mosul the
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goal of this militant group is to create a caliphate or an islamic state across a vast area that includes syria and iraq when taking over mosul heavily armed radicals overran police stations freed more than a thousand prisoners from the city jail and took over the international airport there watching forces apparently ready and in the face of the onslaught leaving behind uniforms weapons and armored vehicles and those may be the weapons provided by the u.s. to the iraqi security forces that are now in the hands of these militants more than half a million people have fled seeking refuge the situation from most iraqis is dire and it has been so for years they were promised democracy but all they've seen is violence with no end in sight. whatever help washington might deign to provide baghdad skeptics say would just be trying to do the mess that america created in the first place the reports know it of extremists having seized u.s. army hardware that was supplied to iraq by america michael o'brien who was a u.s.
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defense department contracts are in iraq discuss the country's disintegrating security situation with a missile now a host of sees in the now. you now have instead of suicide bombers and all that and people getting killed you know it's going to the next step. instead of people just being people getting murdered now you're taking actually land there they're actually they vote for all practical purposes running and our province they're taking over the country now how much responsibility supporting the iraqi government here when we were actually governments and competent it's inept but you know that the job is impossible you know saddam was it was a bad actor he was a bad guy but he kept a lid on everything through force the maliki you know is the shiite and the sunni's are upset because they were in charge and they want to take over again and saddam kept the lid on all of this maliki doesn't have
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a prayer of the iraqis the iraqi government can't and i don't know if any iraqi government could do this unless it was a dictatorship like it was under saddam. well you can catch more of a run in the now in the you tube channel that's in the city here coming up while iraq struggles to defeat the jihad this in the country the u.s. is fabricating terrorists at home we'll tell you about that shortly. what they're trying to do was to convince the american public that there is this large army of potential terrorists that they should all be very very scared about a muslim advocacy group report says that since two thousand and one u.s. security services have been in traffic in convicting innocence which washington perceives might be dangerous in the future. divisions within ukraine are becoming greater with each passing day the western
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backed regime in caves shows no interest in compromise or negotiations at the same time civilians in the east continue to die is going for broke. we could know if you. choose the consensus you. choose to. choose the stories but if you. choose. to. i marinates join me on this but in-depth impartial and financial reporting commentary contributes and much much. only on the bus and.
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told me my language of what i will only react to situations i have read the reports and like to push the know i will leave them to the state department to comment on your letter play like a monthly save to it list or k.l. a call is on the docket delgado. thank you no more weasel words when you need a direct question are you prepared for a change when you run should be ready for a battle freedom of speech and a little bit on the freedom to cost. russia has given create until monday to certainly to half of its energy debt or else pay upfront for its gas in future keva some four billion dollars in
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a result now it hasn't paid for months for its supplies watching nervously what all this plays out is europe which gets thirty percent of its gas from russia and much of it indeed goes through ukraine is fear that kiev could start siphoning off european supplies if it gets cut off no large part of this deadlock is over priced so let's take a little bit of a look at the background to all that russia wants through internet eighty five dollars per thousand cubic meters which is one hundred dollars less than what some european states pay right now and it's roughly the same price that was agreed on back in two thousand and nine by former prime minister yulia timoshenko but back then ukraine got some hefty discounts too for one the price was reduced significantly as part of russia's lease of military facilities in crimea then fast forward three years later then president you know coal which agreed to enter a customs union with russia that saw the gas price go down again to two hundred sixty eight dollars now though with care rejecting a trade union with russia and crimea no longer part of ukraine those discounts are
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gone at least that's how gazprom sees it but you create insist nonetheless it should still get gas at those same rock bottom rates art is a really good explains more. somewhat surprising given that ukraine is now looking west and plans to sign an association agreement with the e.u. so the price of three hundred eighty five dollars is at a market level reasonable but moscow is offering to fix that price for at least a year but that's not enough for prime minister gets a nuke who wants to squeeze the price to its lowest and that's despite the fact that ukraine still owes a whopping four billion dollars if gas is a political weapon then this political weapon is in the hands of the russian government and if gas is a good as it typically is all across the world then the trade is based on a contract and not based on whether russia likes the ukrainian government or not interestingly the current energy minister gets and it's cabinet was in that same polls back in two thousand and nine when you let him go and rising that puts an
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agreed on roughly the same price which russia is offering today gazprom chairman is far from being impressed by kiev's bargaining tactics or use of the strategy of the ukrainian side is outright blackmail from the start they took new constructive steps may do compromises and apparently want to be maximally aggravates our gas relationship and of course it leaves europe in limbo too in two thousand and six gas supplies were cut off after ukraine siphoned fuel intended for europe from the transit bipes in two thousand and nine it did it again russia has already given ukraine the benefit of the doubt and shift to deadlines to help negotiations now the balls in kiev scored ridiculous in their criticize prime minister yet york's demand that any deal big scoops of lead on ukraine's term is a statement said to peter these latest negotiations mark is probably the opposite of u.k. magazine politics first indeed was amazed by baldness. the city of the ukrainian
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government is breathtaking and this is the same the government wants to place ukraine into the west's sphere of influence and then ukraine wants to have discounted prices from russia for russian natural gas russia has been more than accommodating to a government which is totally under appends and this ukrainian government has never apologized for repealing the russian language law has never apologized for the destruction of russian historical and cultural monuments by ukrainian nationalists for example world war two once but at the same time it wants to have a discounted rate from russia. more opinions the credit crisis is focus of cross talk with. divisions within ukraine are becoming greater with each passing day the western backed regime in cave shows no interest in compromise or negotiations at the same time civilians in the east continue to die is going for broke.
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we've all heard of preemptive strikes but what about preemptive prosecutions muslims in the u.s. wrote rage by what appears to be america's latest tactic in its war on terror in trapping people it suspects might plan terrorist attacks in the future really report next that exploding how almost ninety five percent of convictions for this crime were the result of f.b.i. provocation. in a post nine eleven america hundreds of muslims have been arrested prosecuted and imprisoned for attempting to carry out terrorist attacks however this study just released finds that the u.s. government has played a major role in orchestrating most of those so-called terror plots in order to exaggerate the domestic threat of muslim extremism when examining the department of justice is a list of three hundred ninety nine terrorism cases the study found that ninety
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four percent of those cases involve preemptive prosecution that's a practice of targeting those who officials deem predisposed to committing crimes before an actual crime is committed in some instances the study finds that defendants were targeted purely for their religious affiliations and ideological beliefs in other instances the f.b.i. used an agent provocateur work to recruit vulnerable individuals moring them with cash and coursing them into carrying out a terrorist attack that was set up by the f.b.i. now federal informant would provide the fake explosives and instruct the defendant on what to do this is otherwise known as entrapment now the one hundred seventy five page report was released by project salaam a group providing support and legal advocacy for muslims one of the co-authors told me his findings make it difficult to believe in the integrity of the u.s.
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justice system and federal agencies what they're trying to do was to convince the american public that there is this large army of potential terrorists that they should all be very very scared about and the entire legal justification for that depends on their being a war on terror without a war on terror they have no right to do this so they have to keep this war on terror going to have to keep finding people and arresting them and locking them up and scaring everybody critics say unless there is a public outcry over govern. manufactured crime that may eventually become common practice to target anyone. artsy new york. from mass surveillance to drone attacks in guantanamo the us uses a whole range of preemptive tactics to attain its ends that's what kathy manley says she's one of the co-authors of inventing terrorists report. the government uses this. vastly inflated terror threat to justify
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a number of things such as the mass surveillance edward snowden disclosed used as justification for drone attacks in places where there's no declared war in somalia it's used to justify torture even and yet there's a threat but you have much of a greater threat of getting struck by lightning as you do in america being attacked in a terrorist attack whenever they start going after one group if they get away with it doesn't usually stop there and they have actually started using sting operations against other people besides muslims saying whether it's illegal i mean many of these tactics violate the us constitution. what are we going to come to know i will much the many great stories you go look few discover online a project science fiction into reality seems a nasa specialist has designed a vessel that might this is the might one day carry passengers across space faster than the speed of light that's the dream isn't it for many people also to what
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we're talking about travel not so good austrian air traffic controllers spend a half an hour trying to locate some. mysteriously disappeared from their radar. that's a worry we've got the story. kicked off in brazil with a double celebration for the host nation the open sharing was followed by a three one victory for the brazilians who bested croatia in the first game of the tournament with england in italy then set to play over the weekend. british fans on a boat. he was trying to pull the troops out of england since you can see. how it's going to find ready for saturday's match against italy if i were to see some of the boys. no you know if you really want yeah just products for injuries so forceful about
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a few weeks ago what rules. of the world cups and the solution. if this is greatly improved when excited about it let me. know if these things. boys still finalizing the kinds of things to me was to do if you're in italy in such a. way from the sport for more tonight's big news headlines president french president francois lars called for an end to a nationwide rail strike now into its third day calls the worst transport disruption in the country years unions want the government to give off on a plan to unite the rail service provider s.n.c.f. which is billions of euros in debt elsewhere protests were sparked in india's
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capital new delhi over continuous power cuts record high temperatures have hit india this summer causing the trouble though kristie system to fail with a growing demand the government's already announced energy measures that include turning off street lights and reducing electricity to cities shopping moyse. dozens of people are going to fall in turkey accused of organizing last year's deadly riots in istanbul's gezi park and they face up to twenty nine years in jail if convicted because of it what began as a protest over redeveloping that descended into widespread anti-government and rest with the worst challenge to date the authority of prime minister read they were given rights groups want the charges dropped and said turkey should instead focus on the lethal police tactics used during those riots. high speed ferry heading from hong kong to macau has crashed into a break water sixty people are injured there some of them to. the hospital comes just two months after that south sank killing more than three hundred people mostly
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children it's fifteen crew members of my own trial charged with murder and negligence. thanks for being with the international i'm kevin owen but with more live news just over half an hour stunned by the next crosstalk tonight taking on ukraine's reluctance to sit to the negotiating table right after this commercial break. in london in one of the caring hearts of one of the capitals of loving liberal e.u. they've implemented a plan to finally get almost people off the streets at night so that they provide these desperate people for jobs they can at least earn a few pounds and have some human dignity of course not they put down spikes
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everywhere on the ground so that the hobos have nowhere to sleep yes that is right they're laying down spikes to keep up the homeless just like dragon's teeth keep out tanks now if this happened somewhere in say bangladesh on a bad day i might say well that is their business but all the liberals in the e.u. just constantly cry from the ivory tower to the whole world about how we all need to be tolerant and be taxed to death to help people but as a guy who grew up in a bad neighborhood i can tell you that liberals never want to live near the people they claim to want to help you know henry ford was one of those guys who said that you should never give anybody any handouts so what he did was give the disabled and the poor are decent paying jobs at his factory so listen up you liberal loony bin if you want to get those evil yucky print for people off the streets just put them to work it will read your city of its homeless problem a lot faster than. spike's well but that's just my opinion.
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below and welcome to cross talk for all things considered i'm peter lavelle divisions within ukraine are becoming greater with each passing day the western backed regime in cave shows no interest in compromise or negotiations at the same time civilians in the east continue to die is going for broke. to call something a crisis in ukraine i'm joined by my guest michael shank in washington he's an associate director at the friends committee on national legislation in berlin we have many oxen writer he's a journalist editor and reporter and in moscow we cross to ben heiress he's the editor in chief of business new europe or a gentleman crosstalk rules in effect that means you can jump in anytime you want and i very much encourage it man if i go to you first here in moscow the ukrainian president can't seem to take the answer yes over the last few weeks and months have been overtures coming from russia to do the.


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